16 oktober 2013

Johanna Wikstrand Gartmyr & Andreas Gartmyr, Helsingborg

This is the charming and happy home of Johanna from AprillAprill. She is a designer and illustrator, I have some of her work at home and totally love it. And it's quite obvious this is a home of a crative person. Unique and hand picked items and furniture, bright colors against an all white basis. She really knows how to decorate with color and still not leaving it with a messy feeling. I think that is so difficult myself. It's an old charming house, just look at the floors and ceiling roses, to mention something.
There's lots of beatuiful photos of friends and family on the walls, many of them are by Johannas sister - Lisa, who is a photographer and I visited her here.

Enjoy and be inspired - I sure am!

27 september 2013

Desirée Sögaard and Jonas Oltner, Åstorp

This is pictures from my visit with lovely Desirée and her boys and her dogs (just like me she's got two of each, and a man, but he wasn't there while I visited). It's a brick house built in the 70'ies I would guess, that they have managed to do something relly good to. It is so difficult to give this home justice in pictures because there is a striking ceiling height in the kitchen dining area that I haven't been able to photograph in a nice way, but it really hits you when you enter the house.
It's a colourful and playful home with joy and personality. I think it refelects Desirée very good.
There was also an open space on the second floor that she didn't really know what to do with, but I think she does now - starting her own business as a photographer of children, people, weddings and so on (yay!) I think that space would be a great studio..the light was awsome.

This is her blog if you are more curious about this home.

5 augusti 2013

Lisa and Simon Wikstrand, Helsingborg

My latest visit was at Lisa and Simon's place in Helsingborg this Friday. The family, also including a one year old boy and a Golden retreiver, has only lived in this house for two months! So impressive, and I'm eager to see what they will do with the bits of it that wasn't decorated yet.
Turqoise and yellow is the red thread I think and it's a personal mix of old and new pieces with many great lamps. Personal and welcoming. The house has really got everything one can wish for; a garden with amazing possibilities for a kid, a patio, a fireplace and family close by.
Lisa is a photographer so it's with mixed feelings I show you these photos, I rushed around with my camera as the boys were with me, but I still hope that you get a feeling for this great place.

Have a look at Lisa's work here and her husband Simon is very involved in this project.